Domestic Violence — otherwise known as Family Violence, Interpersonal Violence, DV — is a global phenomenon that is slowly becoming more discussed, slowly becoming exposed for the huge problem it has always been.

The subject of carefully-cultivated shame, domestic violence has long been hidden, covered-up, hushed-down. It seems even today only to have acquired the status of “open secret.”

Much work remains to be done in exposing the horrors of domestic violence. It’s a global problem that respects no one: nationality, education, age, class, gender, sexuality, economic circumstances — domestic violence can impact anyone, at any time, anywhere.

This site is a small contribution to the work of bringing the hidden into the light, with the hope that we who work in this field can effect lasting change in attitudes, practices and law.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will gain something from the site and that it will help raise awareness of this global blight against humanity.